…….. Parking, Brislington

Disabled parking IS allowed after 10.00 am and you may park right outside the front gate if you display a blue badge. You will see the bus lane re – opens at 4.30pm but DISABLED PARKING IS STILL ALLOWED after this time:  Reading the plate on our section of road will reveal “loading” is allowed after 10.00 am. This is no coincidence but the result of a concerted effort of ours to maintain access for disabled patients and by kind agreement of Bristol City Council and the Greater Bristol Bus Network. With thanks to all who supported our petition, and not least to the endorsement of our local MP Kerry McCarthy. You may also drop off  and pick up a disabled person, but do not drive along the bus lane ! The arrangement is probably unique, unless you know different !

Anyone else parking our side of Eagle Road during bus lane hours may be fined or towed or both!

33 High Street, Chew Magna, Bristol BS40 8PR

T: 01275 332882