Our role during dispensing is advising which are the most suitable lenses, and finding a balance between function, comfort, appearance and cost. The emphasis of these elements will be different for each individual. Spectacle lenses are becoming ever more diverse and sophisticated. Single vision lenses can be basic and inexpensive or can be made with more specialist materials in order to reduce the thickness of a given prescription to the minimum. Lighter, thinner lenses are designed on computers using technology that was originally used for progressive ( or varifocal ) lens designs. Computer lens models can be investigated repeatedly before making actual physical lenses. Lens design is solving old problems and creating demand with innovative new ideas. Our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians will use a computerised measuring system in most cases.

Bifocals are still used extensively but their use is gradually reducing as progressive lenses continue to improve. Now with more than 100 types of progressives alone there is a lens to suit most patients lifestyle.

There are coatings which enhance the clarity of the lenses. This has the effect of improving the appearance of the wearer by making the lens more transparent. Also when driving at night the headlamps of oncoming vehicles are sharper ( but not dimmer ) which reduces the glare and ghosting often experienced. This makes it easier to see into the gloom beyond the oncoming traffic. In the office environment lens reflections of indoor lighting or windows create fewer problems when viewing a computer screen.
These ‘Anti-reflection’ or ‘Glare-reduction’ coatings usually have a subdued blue-green reflection rather like cameras and binoculars. We always supply a washable lens-cloth with these coated lenses as a clear, smear-free lens surface is vital for the coating to be effective. The latest Drive Safe range from Zeiss are worth asking about if night driving is a challenge.


Prescription sunglasses have become very popular especially with perhaps an acetate frame for an instant film-star look! We also stock the best colour enhancing sunspecs in the world – Maui-Jim. These have first class sunglass filters, in classic and wrapped styles. For cyclists and sport enthusiast, we can also offer the Bolle Sunwear which has a very clever and easily accepted prescription programme.

It is possible to tint most lenses to suit any light conditions, or even to match a particular frame or outfit! There is a new generation of plastic ‘reactolite type’ reacting lenses which darken when exposed to ultra-violet light. These are now as good as the glass reactolite/ photochromic lenses in most situations and have the advantage of being safer and lighter. It needs to be remembered that plastic reacting lenses do not darken fully in a vehicle. Latest versions available are Transitions and Xtra Active, or Photofusion X from Zeiss.

The trend for small, frame styles has gone,  and recently big bold and smart  Acetate ( plastics ) and metals are in frames. We aim to cater for all tastes and budgets. We hold frames by Ted Baker, Joules, Prue Leith, Land Rover, Nike, Moleskine,  William Morris, Elle, Hackett, and many, many more!

We have ready to wear or bespoke frames from TD Tom Davies, Create your own version of a TD Tom Davies with individualised fitting and advice from one of our Dispensing Opticians.

We’ve also gone retro Rock and Roll with the Vinyl Factory frames which recapture the soul of music 1964 style. Google ”The Eyewear Company” and select ”Vinyl Factory” from the dropdown list. 

Titanium frames are still popular either in its ‘pure form’ which is lightweight, rigid and highly corrosion resistant or in combination with other rare metals that increase frame flexibilty.

Many of our non-designer frames are made by companies that manufacture well known makes, an excellent quality frame range but without the expense of designer makes. We stock frames because of their inherent quality rather than the design name. Many manufacturers pre-date ‘designer specs’ and have much to offer in their own in-house ranges such as Henry Beaumont, Menrad and Ferucci.

Although breakages or lens changes are not covered ( but ask about Eyeplan )  frame adjustments are offered for the life of our frames free of charge. All our spectacles include personal fitting by a Registered Optician.
Some of our patients who bought gold filled frames in the 1970′s still enjoy free frame adjustments even now!

If you can’t find what you want, let us track it down for you. We are independent and deal with many manufacturers. We endeavour to find a solution for any optical problem you may have. Even prop.s for theatre use. Solutions are only found by friendly discussion. So go on, contact us !

Spectacle Care

Do wash your spectacles in tepid water with a little detergent occasionally.
Do not dry or wipe your spectacles with a tissue, they are too abrasive. Use a lens cloth and spray designed for spectacles or cameras.

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