Myopia Management

More and more people around the world are becoming myopic ( also known as short-sighted ). In response to this, many researchers have been trying to discover why this is happening and whether anything can be done to influence it.

As a result, we now know that we can employ a variety of strategies to slow down the progression of myopia:  The most popular and successful are specialist spectacle lenses and contact lenses. This means children need not end up with as much short sight as will otherwise occur. Not only is this useful day to day, it appears to increase the chance of healthy eyes in later life – it seems as though the risk of eye problems such as cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachments are all increased by larger amounts of short sight.

Mark Houlford is one of very few Optometrists to gain a post-graduate qualification in this area. He has been interested by, and working in, this field for some years.

Brock and Houlford now offer you the opportunity to stop your child becoming as short-sighted as they will do  with ordinary spectacles or contact lenses. This enhanced service includes additional measurements of the vision which allow us to decide which solution is best for each individual. We invite you to join Eyeplan at £13.00 per month which covers all additional visits and gives you a discount on spectacles and contact lenses.

To book a Myopia Control assessment please contact us on 01275 332 882 or

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