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Contact Lenses

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Both partners have an interest in contact lenses. We are an independent practice which gives us the ability to prescribe lenses from any manufacturer, worldwide. Mark worked with Dr Lyndon Jones in London for two years, during which time their practice was awarded “Contact Lens Practice of the Year” twice and overall “Practice of the Year” once. In this period, Mark co-authored research which has been published in the Journal of the British Contact Lens Association and Optometry and Vision Science – Journal of the American Academy of Optometry. We often participate in large clinical studies of  new contact lens products. You may want to wear contact lenses occasionally, full-time or for particular situations. You may have astigmatism, wear bifocals or varifocals, want coloured lenses or have previously been told you couldn’t wear contact lenses. Whatever the scenario, there is likely to be a contact lens for you.

We provide a contact lens assessment which allows you to experience contact lenses without being involved in any long-term commitment. Within this assessment, we will try a range of lenses until we find the best one for your eyes. You can wear the lenses, which are made to your prescription, for up to one month and so have the opportunity to feel confident in your ability to wear lenses before making any decisions. The assessment fee is £35 if you do not proceed with lenses. Otherwise it is free to members of our Eyeplan scheme or if proceeding with our regular contact lens supply.

We operate our preferred method of monthly direct debit for the following examples:

Typical charges for our monthly disposable soft lenses: spherical £22 per month or fornightly disposable £25 per month. This includes all follow-up appointments, lenses, solutions and free replacement lenses in the case of loss or damage.

Similarly monthly disposable soft lenses: toric or multifocal £25 per month
This includes all follow-up appointments, lenses, solutions, insurance and free replacement lenses in the case of loss or damage.

Daily disposable soft lenses:  £1.08 per pair, plus £6.00 per month for follow-up appointments. ( minimum period  18 months ).

For the latest Trueye lens daily disposable £1.22 per pair plus £6.00 per month ( minimum 18 months )

Monthly Replacement “Night and Day” lenses £31 per month
This includes all follow-up appointments, lenses, solutions, insurance and free replacement in the case of loss or damage. These continuous wear lenses need closer follow-up, and are not suitable for all patients.

We fit and supply all types of contact lenses, too many to mention here, and this area is constantly evolving with new products. Do contact us for any information you may require.

If you wear one type of lens from us and would also like to wear 1-day lenses, coloured lenses or crazy lenses- perhaps on holiday or for a special occasion, these lenses can be issued at low cost: 1-day lenses at £1 per pair, coloured lenses from £15 per pair and crazy lenses from £20 per pair. Go on- have fun!

My opinion- LASIK is probably the best option if you absolutely have to undergo this type of operation. A good source of balanced information is the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. My gut feeling is that a clinic which honestly discusses the risks as well as the benefits is the one to consider; there are some who present refractive surgery as some form of cosmetic procedure, without an honest appraisal of the risks.

Eyeplan is a firmly established way to cover the cost of taking care of your eyes. To become a member you pay a reasonable monthly fee. As long as you remain a member, you will never pay for an eye examination again- whether you see us for a routine checkup or see us in between times if you have any concerns about your eyes or vision. You can even add in any of the items on our services page for an additional fee. Eyeplan allows you to choose any combination of frames, lenses, tints and coatings but pay a balance of typically 60% of the full charge. You can do this whenever and however often you like after the first year- even for spare pairs or prescription sunglasses. What else does eyeplan give you? How about insurance that covers breakage or damage to your glasses ( during the first two years ), even if they need total replacement, with a small excess, AND insurance that pays out in the event of an accidental loss of an eye. We’ve been offering eyeplan to a few of our patients since November 1999, and are now happy to make it available to everyone- it really works. Expect more- become an eyeplan member.

Would you like to experience new types of contact lens before they are commercially available? Do you have an interest in new technology and materials? Have you previously stopped wearing lenses for reasons such as dryness, limited wearing time or inadequate vision? If so, get in touch- we participate in contact lens research for some of the major contact lens manufacturers and are always happy to hear from prospective research volunteers.

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