SchoolVision can make a difference to a child’s ability read and learn. SchoolVision works by allowing the naturally dominant eye to lead while reading. The dominant eye then stays in focus and aims accurately.

Mark Houlford was part of the first group of Optometrists to gain the Schoolvision qualification in 2009. Since then he has been helping children achieve their potential by employing the Schoolvision process. This uses specialist spectacles designed to establish or reinforce natural eye dominance and often incorporates support for the focussing and aiming muscles.

The first step in this process is a Schoolvision assessment which includes a series of measurements and assessments to evaluate eye dominance, focussing, aiming and eye co-operation. This results in a prescription for the specialist spectacle lenses which are designed to help reading and similar tasks such as working at a computer.

The additional appointments needed for the SchoolVision process can be covered at £24.00 per month. Eyeplan also gives a 40% discount on spectacles. This is a great link to find out more about SchoolVision appointments.

To book your Schoolvision assessment please click here

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