Eyeplan is a firmly established way to cover the cost of taking care of your eyes. To become a member you pay a reasonable monthly fee. As long as you remain a member, you will never pay for an eye examination again- whether you see us for a routine checkup or see us in between times if you have any concerns about your eyes or vision. You can even add in any of the items on our services page for an additional fee. Eyeplan allows you to choose any combination of frames, lenses, tints and coatings but pay a balance of typically 60% of the full charge. You can do this whenever and however often you like after the first year- even for spare pairs or prescription sunglasses. What else does eyeplan give you? How about insurance that covers breakage or damage to your glasses ( during the first two years ), even if they need total replacement, with a small excess, AND insurance that pays out in the event of an accidental loss of an eye. We’ve been offering eyeplan to a few of our patients since November 1999, and are now happy to make it available to everyone- it really works. Expect more- become an eyeplan member.

Would you like to experience new types of contact lens before they are commercially available? Do you have an interest in new technology and materials? Have you previously stopped wearing lenses for reasons such as dryness, limited wearing time or inadequate vision? If so, get in touch- we participate in contact lens research for some of the major contact lens manufacturers.

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